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A Tour of the Excel Window
A Tour of the Excel
Figure 14-8:
You’ll notice that in the Go To list, cell addresses are written a little
differently than the format you use when you type them in. Namely, dollar
signs are added before the row number and column letter. Thus, C32
becomes $C$32, which is simply the convention that Excel uses for fixed
cell references. (You’ll learn much more about the different types of cell
references in Chapter 17.)
The Go To feature becomes more useful the more you use it. That’s because the Go
To window maintains a list of the most recent cell addresses that you’ve entered. In
addition, every time you open the Go To window, Excel automatically adds the
current cell to the list. This feature makes it easy to jump to a far-off cell and quickly
return to your starting location by selecting the last entry in the list.
The Go To window isn’t your only option for leaping through a worksheet in a single
bound. If you look at the Home Editing Find & Select menu, you’ll find more
specialized commands that let you jump straight to cells that contains formulas,
comments, conditional formatting, and other advanced Excel ingredients that you
haven’t learned about yet. And if you want to hunt down cells that have specific text,
you need the popular Find command (Home Editing Find & Select Find).
A Tour of the Excel Window
Finding your way around a worksheet is a fundamental part of mastering Excel.
Knowing your way around the larger program window is no less important. The
next few sections help you get oriented in the Excel window, pointing out the
important stuff and letting you know what you can usually ignore.
The Tabs of the Ribbon
Back in Chapter 1, you learned about the ribbon, the super-toolbar that offers
onestop shopping for all of Word’s features. Turns out, all the most important Office
applications—including Access, PowerPoint, and Excel—use the ribbon. However,
each program has a different set of tabs and buttons.
Throughout the Excel portion of this topic, you’ll dig through the different tabs of
the ribbon to find important features. But before you start your journey, it’s nice to
get a quick overview of what each tab provides. Here’s the lowdown:
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