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The Formula Bar
A Tour of the Excel
Figure 14-9:
Do you want to use
every square inch of
screen space for your
cells? You can
collapse the ribbon (as
shown here) by
double-clicking any tab.
Click a tab to pop it
open temporarily, or
double-click a tab to
bring the ribbon back
for good. And if you
want to perform the
same trick without
raising your fingers
from the keyboard,
you can use the
shortcut key Ctrl+F1.
The Formula Bar
The formula bar appears above the worksheet grid but below the ribbon (Figure
14-10). It displays the address of the active cell (like A1) on the left edge, and it also
shows you the current cell’s contents.
Figure 14-10:
The formula bar (just
above the grid) shows
information about
the active cell. In this
example, the formula
bar shows that the
current cell is B4 and
that it contains the
number 592. Instead
of editing this value
in the worksheet, you
can click anywhere in
the formula bar and
make your changes
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