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The Status Bar
A Tour of the Excel
You can control what indicators appear in the status bar by configuring it. To see a
full list of possibilities, right-click the status bar. A huge list of options appears, as
shown in Figure 14-13. Table 14-2 describes the different status bar options.
Note: The Caps Lock indicator doesn’t determine whether or not you can use the Caps Lock key—that
feature always works. The Caps Lock indicator just lets you know when Caps Lock mode is on. That way
you won’t be surprised by an accidental keystroke that turns your next data entry INTO ALL CAPITALS.
Figure 14-13:
Every item that has a
checkmark appears in the
status bar when you need it.
For example, if you choose
Caps Lock, the text “Caps
Lock” appears in the status
bar whenever you hit the
Caps Lock key to switch to
all-capital typing. The text
that appears on the right side
of the list tells you the current
value of the indicator. In this
example, Caps Lock mode
is currently off and the Cell
Mode text says “Ready.”
Table 14-2. Status bar indicators
Cell Mode
Shows Ready, Edit, or Enter depending on the state of the current cell,
as described on page 364.
Signatures, Information
Management Policy,
and Permissions
Displays information about the rights and restrictions of the current
spreadsheet. These features come into play only if you’re using Office
SharePoint Server to share spreadsheets among groups of people
(usually in a corporate environment).
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