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Preparing Your Spreadsheet for Excel 2007
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To avoid this sort of problem, you need the help of an Excel tool called the
Compatibility Checker. The Compatibility Checker scans your spreadsheet to find features
and formulas that will cause a problem in Excel 2007.
To use the Compatibility Checker, follow these steps:
1. ChooseFile Info.
Excel switches into backstage view.
2. ClicktheCheckforIssuesbutton,andchooseCheckCompatibility.
The Compatibility Checker scans your spreadsheet, looking for signs of trouble.
It then reports any problems back to you (Figure 14-18).
Figure 14-18:
In this example, the Compatibility Checker has found
two potential problems. One will affect only Excel
2003 users, while the other will affect both Excel
2007 and Excel 2003 users.
3. Optionally,youcanhideproblemsthatdon’taffectExcel2007.
The Compatibility Checker reports on two types of problems. The first type of
problems affect anyone who doesn’t have Excel 2010. These problems appear
with the text “Excel 97-2003” and “Excel 2007” in the column on the right. The
second problems affect Excel 2003 users but not Excel 2007 users. These
problems appear with the text “Excel 97-2003” in the right column.
If you plan to share your spreadsheet file with Excel 2007 only, there’s no need to
worry about Excel 2003 compatibility. You can hide these messages from the list
by clicking the “Select versions to show” button and turning off Excel 97-2003.
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