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Opening Multiple Spreadsheets at Once
Opening Files
Open in Browser is only available when you select an HTML file. This option
allows you to open the HTML file in your computer’s web browser, which is
something you’ll only want to attempt when trying to convert Excel files to web
pages (page 376).
Open in Protected View prevents a potentially dangerous file from running
any code. However, you’ll also be restrained from editing the file, as explained
on page 384.
Open and Repair is useful if you need to open a file that’s corrupted. If you try
to open a corrupted file by just clicking Open, Excel warns you that the file has
problems and refuses to open it. To get around this problem, you can open the
file using the “Open and Repair” option, which prompts Excel to make the
necessary corrections, display them for you in a list, and then open the document.
Depending on the type of problem, you might not lose any information at all.
Opening Multiple Spreadsheets at Once
As you open multiple spreadsheets, Excel creates a new window for each one.
Although this helps keep your work separated, it can clause a bit of clutter and make
it harder to track down the window you really want. Fortunately, Excel provides a
couple of shortcuts that are indispensable when dealing with several spreadsheets at
a time:
• To jump from one spreadsheet to another, find the window in the View
Window Switch Windows list, which includes the file name of all the
currently open spreadsheets (Figure 14-28).
Figure 14-28:
When you have multiple spreadsheets open at the same time,
you can easily move from one to the other using the Switch
Windows list.
• To move to the next spreadsheet, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Tab or Ctrl+F6.
• To move to the previous spreadsheet, use the shortcut key Ctrl+Shift+Tab or
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