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Regional Dating
Windows has regional settings for your computer, which affect the way Microsoft
programs understand things like dates and currency. You can change the settings,
and they don’t have to correspond to where you live—you can set them for your
company headquarters on another continent, for instance. But keep in mind that
these affect all the programs on your computer.
Every version of Windows uses the same system for regional settings. (Note for tech
nerds: You can find them in the Region and Language section of the Control Panel.)
But if you’re not used to digging into your computer’s Control Panel, you’ll face a
small problem, because every version of Windows puts them in a slightly different
place. Here’s the easiest way to find them:
If you’re using Windows 7 or Windows Vista: Click the Start button. Then, in
the search box at the bottom of the Start menu, type region . When Region and
Language Options appears in the list of matches, click it.
If you’re using Windows XP: Click the Start button and choose Run. In the
Run window, type intl.cpl and click OK.
Either way, the Region and Language window will appear (see Figure 14-34). The
most important setting is in the first box, which has a drop-down list you can use to
pick the region you want, like English (United States) or Swedish (Finland).
Figure 14-34:
In the Region and Language window, you
choose a geographical region and your
computer stores a set of preferences about
number and date display. Excel heeds these
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