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Page Layout View: A Better Print Preview
Figure 14-41:
Move your mouse
between the pages
and your mouse
pointer changes into
this strange
twoarrow beast. You can
then click to hide the
margins in between
pages (as shown
here), and click again
to show them (as
shown in Figure 14-
40). Either way, you
see an exact replica
of your printout. The
only difference is
whether you see the
empty margin space.
To adjust the page margins, first make sure the ruler is visible by turning on
the View Show Ruler checkbox. Then, drag one of the margin lines on the
ruler, as shown in Figure 14-42. If you want to set page margins by typing in the
exact margin width, use the Page Layout tab of the ribbon instead.
When you’re ready to return to the Normal worksheet view, choose View Workbook
Views Normal (or just click the Status bar’s tiny Normal View button).
Figure 14-42:
The Page Layout view
lets you set margins by
dragging the margin
edge with your mouse.
Here, the left margin
(circled) is about to
be narrowed down to
0.58 inches. If you’re
also using a header or
footer (below), make
sure you don’t drag
the page margin above
the header or below
the footer. If you do,
then your header or
footer will overlap your
worksheet’s data.
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