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Moving Data and
Selecting Cells
Tip: When you’re selecting multiple rows or columns, make sure you click between the column header’s
left and right edges, not on either edge. When you click the edge of the column header, you end up
resizing the column instead of making a selection.
time-sAVinG tip
A Truly Great Calculation Trick
Excel provides a seriously nifty calculation tool in the status
bar. Just select two or more cells and look down to the
status bar, where you’ll see the number of cells you’ve
selected (the count) along with their sum and their average
(shown in Figure 15-3).
• Maximum. The selected number or date with the
largest value (for dates this means the latest date).
• Sum. The sum of all selected numbers. Although you
can use Sum with date values, because of the way
Excel stores date values, adding dates together
generates meaningless results.
Most of the status bar calculations don’t work properly if
you select both date and numeric information. For
example, when you’re attempting to add up a list of numbers
and dates, Excel computes the value using both date
values—which it stores internally as numbers, as explained
on page 445—and the ordinary numbers; Excel then
displays the final count using the formatting of the first
selected cell. That adds up, alas, to a number that doesn’t
really mean anything.
To choose what calculations appear in the status bar,
rightclick anywhere on the status bar and then, in the menu that
appears, choose one of the following options:
• Average. The average of all the selected numbers
or dates.
• Count. The number of selected cells that aren’t blank.
• Numerical Count. The number of selected cells that
contain numbers or dates.
• Minimum. The selected number or date with the
smallest value (for dates this means the earliest date).
Figure 15-3:
The nicest detail about
the status bar’s quick
calculations is that you
can mix and match
several at a time. Here,
you see the count,
average, and sum of the
selected cells.
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