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Moving Cells Around
Moving Cells Around
Moving Cells Around
One of the most common reasons to select groups of cells on a worksheet is to copy
or move them from one place to another. Excel is a champion of the basic cut-and-
paste feature, and it also gives you worthwhile enhancements that let you do things
like drag and drop blocks of cells and copy multiple selections to the clipboard at the
same time.
Before you get started shuffling data from one place to another, here are a few points
to keep in mind:
• Excel lets you cut or copy a single cell or a continuous range of cells. Ordinarily,
when you cut or copy a cell, everything goes with it, including the data and the
current formatting. However, Excel also has tricks that let you copy data without
formatting (or even just the formatting). You’ll learn about those on page 423.
• When you paste cells onto your worksheet, you have two basic choices. You can
paste the cells into a new, blank area of the worksheet, or you can paste the cells
in a place that already contains data. In this second case, Excel overwrites the
existing cells with the new pasted data.
• Cutting and copying cells works almost exactly the same way. The only
difference you’ll see is that when you perform a cut-and-paste operation (as opposed
to a copy-and-paste operation), Excel erases the source data once the operation
is complete. However, Excel doesn’t remove the source cells from the worksheet.
Instead, it just leaves them empty. (Page 428 shows you what to do if you do
want to remove or insert cells, not just the data they contain.)
A Simple Cut-and-Paste or Copy-and-Paste
Here’s the basic procedure for any cut-and-paste or copy-and-paste operation.
1. Selectthecellsyouwanttocutorcopy.
You can use any of the tricks you learned in the previous section to highlight a
continuous range of cells. (You can’t cut and paste noncontiguous selections.)
When you want to cut or copy only a single cell, just move to the cell—you don’t
actually need to select it.
2. Ifyouwanttocutyourselection,chooseHome Clipboard Cut(orCtrl+X).
Whenyouwanttocopyyourselection,chooseHome Clipboard Copy(or
Excel highlights your selection with a marquee border (Figure 15-5), so called
because the border blinks like the twinkling lights around an old-style movie
theater marquee. At the same time, the text “Select destination and press ENTER
or choose Paste” appears in the status bar (if it fits).
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