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Moving Cells Around
Moving Cells Around
3. Move to the new location in the spreadsheet where you want to paste
If you selected one cell, move to the new cell where you want to place the data.
If you selected multiple cells, then move to the top-left corner of the area where
you want to paste your selection. If you have existing data below or to the right
of this cell, Excel overwrites it with the new content you’re pasting.
It’s perfectly acceptable to paste over part of the data you’re copying. For
example, you could make a selection that consists of columns A, B, and C and paste
that selection starting at column B. In this case, the pasted data appears in
columns B, C, and D, and Excel overwrites the original content in these columns
(although the original content remains in column A).
Figure 15-5:
In this example, cells A1
to A4 have been copied.
The next step is to move
to the place where you
want to paste the cells
and then press Enter to
complete the operation.
Excel treats cut and copy
operations in the same
way. In both cases, the
selection remains on the
spreadsheet, surrounded
by the marquee border.
When you perform a cut
operation, Excel doesn’t
empty the cells until you
paste them somewhere
Tip: In some cases, you want to paste without overwriting part of your worksheet. For example, you might
want to paste a column in a new position and shift everything else out of the way. To pull this trick off, you
need the Insert Copied Cells command, which is described on page 429.
4. Paste the data by selecting Home Clipboard Paste (or press Ctrl+V or
If you’re performing a cut-and-paste, Excel removes the original data from the
spreadsheet just before pasting it in the new location.
If you’re performing a copy-and-paste, a tiny clipboard icon appears in the
bottom-right corner of your pasted cells, with the text “(Ctrl)” next to it. Click this
icon and you’ll get a menu of specialized paste options (described on page 424).
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