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Creating a New Blank Document
Creating a New
To create a new document after you’ve opened Word, use any of these methods:
• Create a new blank document.
• Create a new document from a template.
• Create a new document from an existing document.
The sections that follow show you how.
Creating a New Blank Document
If you’ve already got Word open and want to create a new document, simply press
Ctrl+N (think N for new ). Doing so opens a window with a new blank document.
Or follow these steps:
1. ClickFile New(Alt,F,N).
The Available Templates pane opens with “Blank document” already selected,
as shown in Figure 1-4. In the right pane, Word previews what the blank
document you’re creating will look like. It’s a big, empty rectangle, just like a blank
2. In therightpane,under theblankdocument,clickCreate (or, ifyou’vegot
keyboardshortcuts turnedon,pressN).Alternatively,youcandouble-click
Word creates a new blank document. You’re good to go.
“Blank document” is
already selected.
Figure 1-4:
When you create a
new document, you
can start off with a
blank document or
choose a template or
an existing document
as the basis for your
new one.
Click to create a new
blank document.
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