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Creating a New Document from a Template
Creating a New
Creating a New Document from a Template
Imagine you return from lunch to find an email from the boss in your inbox:
“We need 15 award certificates for tonight’s banquet. Attached is the list of recipients
and awards.”
Oh, great. You have an idea of what an award certificate looks like, but you’ve never
made one before—let alone 15. Never fear. Word comes to the rescue with a huge
variety of prebuilt templates. A template is a reusable model for a document, with
specialized formatting already built in. For an award certificate, for example, the
template already has formatting to make it horizontal (landscape orientation) and
to center and space the text. Use the template as a starting point, tweak it to meet
your needs, add your information—and you’re done. You’ll have the stack of award
certificates printed out in no time. (Chapter 5 tells you everything you need to know
about printing documents.)
Tip: Word 2010 comes with some templates built right in, but Microsoft keeps a much larger selection of
Word templates online at You can find and download these templates right
from Word, so for the widest selection make sure your computer is connected to the Internet before
creating a new document using a template.
To create a new document from a template, follow these steps:
1. ClickFile New(Alt,F,N).
The Available Templates pane (Figure 1-4) opens. Templates take up most of
this pane.
2. Click “Sample templates” to see the ones preloaded inWord. (If you’ve
recently created a document using a template, you can also look in “Recent
templates” or “My templates”.) If you’re connected to the Internet, look in
Word shows you the available templates in whatever category you chose.
3. Toseewhatanytemplatelookslike,clickit.
Word previews the template in the right pane, as shown in Figure 1-5.
4. Touseatemplateasthebasisforyournewdocument,clicktheCreatebutton
Word creates a new document using the template you chose. Now you can type
your own information into the template.
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