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Moving Worksheets from one Workbook to Another
Worksheets and
Sometimes Excel refuses to insert new worksheets exactly where you’d like them.
Fortunately, you can easily rearrange any of your worksheets just by dragging their
tabs from one place to another, as shown in Figure 15-20.
Figure 15-20:
When you drag a worksheet tab, a tiny
page appears beneath the arrow
cursor. As you move the cursor around,
you’ll see a black triangle appear,
indicating where the worksheet will land
when you release the mouse button.
Tip: You can use a similar technique to create copies of a worksheet. Click the worksheet tab and begin
dragging, just as you would to move the worksheet. However, before releasing the mouse button, press
the Ctrl key (you’ll see a plus sign [+] appear). When you let go, Excel creates a copy of the worksheet in
the new location. The original worksheet remains in its original location. Excel gives the new worksheet
a name with a number in parentheses. For example, a copy of Sheet1 is named Sheet1 (2). As with any
other worksheet tab, you can change this name.
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Colorful Worksheet Tabs
Names aren’t the only thing you can change when it
comes to newly added worksheets. Excel also lets you
modify a worksheet tab’s background color. This minor
convenience has no effect on your data or your printout,
but it can help you quickly find an important worksheet if
it has lots of neighbors.
To change the background color of a worksheet tab,
rightclick the tab, and then select Tab Color (or move to the
appropriate worksheet and Home➝Cells➝Format➝Tab
Color). A list of color choices appears; make your selection
by clicking the color you want.
Moving Worksheets from one Workbook to Another
Once you get the hang of creating different worksheets for different types of
information, your Excel files can quickly fill up with more sheets than a linens store. What
happens when you want to shift some of these worksheets around? For instance, you
may want to move (or copy) a worksheet from one Excel file to another. Here’s how:
1. OpenbothspreadsheetfilesinExcel.
The file that contains the worksheet you want to move or copy is called the
source file; the other file (where you want to move or copy the worksheet to) is
known as the destination file.
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