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Moving Worksheets from one Workbook to Another
Worksheets and
2. Gotothesourceworkbook.
Remember, you can move from one window to another using the Windows task
bar, or by choosing the file’s name from the ribbon’s View Windows Switch
Windows list.
3. Right-clicktheworksheetyouwanttotransfer,andthen,fromtheshortcut
If you want, you can transfer multiple worksheets at once. Just hold down the
Ctrl key, and select all the worksheets you want to move or copy. Excel
highlights all the worksheets you select (and groups them together). Right-click the
selection, and then choose Move or Copy.
When you choose Move or Copy, the Move or Copy dialog box appears (as
shown in Figure 15-21).
Figure 15-21:
Here, the selected worksheet is about to be moved into the
SimpleExpenses.xlsx workbook. (The source workbook isn’t shown.) The
SimpleExpenses workbook already contains three worksheets (named Sheet1,
Sheet2, and Sheet3). Excel inserts the new worksheet just before the
first sheet. Because the “Create a copy” checkbox isn’t turned on, Excel
removes the worksheet from the source workbook when it completes the
4. Choosethedestinationfilefromthe“Tobook”list.
The “To book” drop-down list shows all the currently open workbooks (includ-
ing the source workbook).
Tip: Excel also lets you move your worksheets to a new workbook, which it automatically creates for you.
To move them to a new workbook, choose the “(new book)” item in the “To book” list. The new
workbook won’t have the standard three worksheets. Instead, it’ll have only the worksheets you’ve transferred.
5. Specifythepositionwhereyouwanttheworksheetinserted.
Choose a destination worksheet from the “Before sheet” list. Excel places the
copied worksheets just before the worksheet you select. If you want to place the
worksheets at the end of the destination workbook, select “(move to end).” Of
course, you can always rearrange the worksheets after you transfer them, so you
don’t need to worry too much about getting the perfect placement.
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