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Creating a New Document from an Existing Document
Creating a New
Figure 1-5:
Templates give you
documents for a wide
variety of purposes, like
the award certificates
shown here. Click
any template to see
a preview of it in the
right pane; if it looks
good, click Download
to create a new
document based on that
Tip: If you’re online, you can also search for a template. On the right side of the bar that says
Templates, type the word or phrase you want to search for into the Search box. Press Enter or click the
right-pointing arrow. Word shows you all templates related to your search term.
Creating a New Document from an Existing Document
If there’s a document format you use frequently—such as a meeting agenda, a report,
a memo, whatever—you can use an existing version of that document to create a
brand new one. For example, say it’s your job to create the agenda for the weekly
departmental meeting. Instead of starting from scratch each week, just use an agenda
you’ve already created as the basis for a new one. The format and some placeholder
text are already there; just fill in the new information—and save yourself a lot of
time. Here’s how:
1. ClickFile New(Alt,F,N).
Word opens the Available Templates pane.
2. Click“Newfromexisting”(keyboardshortcut:PressX).
The New from Existing Document dialog box opens, showing folders and
documents, as you can see in Figure 1-6.
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