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Formatting Dates and Times
Formatting Cell
Figure 16-6:
The all-around
quickest way to apply
a number format is
to select some cells,
and then, from the
number format list,
choose an option.
Best of all, you see
a small preview of
what the value in the
first selected cell will
look like if you apply
the format.
Few people use the Text format for numbers, but it’s certainly possible to do so. The
Text format simply displays a number as though it were text, although you can still
perform calculations with it. Excel shows the number exactly as it’s stored internally,
positioning it against the left edge of the column. You can get the same effect by
placing an apostrophe before the number (although that approach won’t let you use the
number in calculations).
Formatting Dates and Times
Excel gives you lots of options here. You can use everything from compact styles like
3/13/10 to longer formats that include the day of the week, like Saturday, March 13,
2010. Time formats give you a similar range of options, including the ability to use
a 12-hour or 24-hour clock, show seconds, show fractional seconds, and include the
date information.
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