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Borders and Fills
Formatting Cell
2. Choose the
pattern color
3. Choose the
pattern style
Figure 16-15:
Adding a pattern to
selected cells is simpler
than choosing borders.
All you need to do is
select the colors you want
and, optionally, choose a
pattern. The pattern can
include a grid, dots, or
the diagonal lines shown
in this figure.
1. Choose the
color here
4. Check the preview
To get a really fancy fill, you can use a gradient , which is a blend of two colors.
For example, with gradients you can create a fill that starts out white on one side
of a cell and gradually darkens to blue on the other. To use a gradient fill, click
the Fill Effects button, and then follow the instructions in Figure 16-16.
5. ClickOKtoapplyyourchanges.
If you don’t like the modifications you’ve just applied, you can roll back time by
pressing Ctrl+Z to trigger the indispensable Undo command.
Tip: You can remove a worksheet’s gridlines, which is handy when you want to more easily see any
custom borders you’ve added. To remove gridlines, select View➝Show➝Gridlines. (This action affects
only the current file, and won’t apply to new spreadsheets.)
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