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Closing a Document
Closing a Document
2. Intheleftpane,double-clickthefolderwhereyouwanttostorethedocument.
The center pane shows all the documents in that folder.
3. Inthe“Filename”textbox,typeinanameforyourdocument.
Word uses the first few words of your document to guess at a name, but you can
call the document whatever you want.
4. Fromthe“Saveastype”menu,selectthefiletypeyouwantforthisdocument.
Word saves your document.
Tip: If you save a lot of documents in a format other than Word’s standard .docx format, you can choose that
format as the default. Click File➝Options (Alt, F, I) and then choose Save. In the “Save documents” section,
use the “Save files in this format” dropdown list to choose the file type you want as your standard. Click OK.
From now on, Word saves all your documents as this type, unless you tell it otherwise when you save.
Closing a Document
When you’re done working on a document, Word gives you several different ways
to close it:
• Click the X in the upper right.
• Click the upper-left Word button, then select Close.
• Press Alt, F, C.
• Press Alt+F4.
If your document has unsaved changes, Word shows a dialog box asking if you want
to save those changes. Make your pick:
Save. This tells Word to save the changes and close the document.
Don’t Save. When you click this button, Word discards your changes and closes
the document.
Note: A new feature in Word 2010 helps you avoid forehead smacks when you accidentally close a
document without saving your changes. If you choose Don’t Save when closing your document and Word has
autosaved the document at least once, it temporarily hangs onto the autosaved version as a draft (for a
week), just in case you change your mind and want it later.
To see whether there’s a saved version of a document you closed without saving, click File➝Recent (Alt,
F, R). At the bottom of the screen, click Recover Unsaved Documents. You see the Open dialog box (Fig-
ure 1-8) with a list of all the recent documents you saved without closing. Select the document you want,
and click Open to open it. If you want to keep the draft this time, save it in the usual way (page 21).
Cancel. If you change your mind and don’t want to close the document right
now, this button keeps the document open so you can continue to work on it.
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