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Point-and-Click Formula Editing
Formula Shortcuts
Figure 17-8:
Each button in the Function
Library section (other than Insert
Function) pops up a mini menu
of function choices. Choose one,
and Excel inserts that function
into the current formula. You can
use this technique to find
functions that you’ve used recently,
or to browse the main function
categories. This example shows
some of the functions in the
Math & Trig section, which you’ll
explore in the next chapter.
The Function Library divides its functions into the following categories:
AutoSum has a few shortcuts that let you quickly add, average, or otherwise
deal with a list of numbers.
Recently Used has exactly what you’d expect—functions that you’ve recently
chosen from the Function Library. If you’re just starting out with functions,
you’ll see that Excel fills the Recently Used list with a small set of commonly
used functions, like SUM().
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