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Using the Insert Function Button
Formula Shortcuts
Financial functions let you track your car loan payments and calculate how
many more years until you can retire rich.
Logical functions let you create conditional logic for even smarter spreadsheets
that make calculation decisions. You already had a quick introduction to
conditional logic earlier in this chapter.
Text functions manipulate words, sentences, and other non-numeric information.
Date & Time functions perform calendar math, and can help you sort out ages,
due dates, and more.
Lookup & Reference functions perform the slightly mind-bending feat of
searching for information in other cells.
Math & Trig functions are the mathematic basics, including sums, rounding,
and all the other high-school trigonometry you’re trying to forget.
More Functions groups together some heavy-duty Excel functions intended
for specialized purposes. This category includes high-powered statistical and
engineering functions. It also includes cube functions, which are designed for
working in highly technical OLAP ( online analytical processing ) databases, and
information functions, which get “information” about the other cells in your
Using the Insert Function Button
Excel provides more than 300 built-in functions. In order to use a function, however,
you need to type its name exactly . That means that every time you want to employ
a function, you’ll need to refer to this topic, call on your own incredible powers of
recollection, or click over to the convenient Insert Function button.
To use the Insert Function feature, choose Formulas Function Library Insert
Function. However, formula pros skip straight to the action by clicking the fx
button that appears just to the left of the formula bar. (Or, they press the Shift+F3
shortcut key.)
No matter which approach you use, Excel displays the Insert Function dialog box
(shown in Figure 17-9), which offers three ways to search for and insert any of
Excel’s functions.
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