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Using the Insert Function Button
Formula Shortcuts
Figure 17-9:
Top: The Insert Function dialog box lets you quickly
find the function you need. You can choose a
category that seems likely to have the functions you’re
interested in.
Bottom: You can also try to search by entering
keywords in the “Search for a function” box. Either
way, when you click one of the functions in the list,
Excel presents you with a description of the function
at the bottom of the window.
• If you’re looking for a function, the easiest way to find one is to choose a
category from the “Or select a category” drop-down list. For example, when you
select the Math & Trig category, you see a list of functions with names like SIN()
and COS(), which perform basic trigonometric calculations.
• If you choose the Most Recently Used category, you’ll see a list of functions
you’ve recently picked from the ribbon or the Insert Function dialog box.
• If you’re really ambitious, you can type a couple of keywords into the “Search for
a function” text box. Next, click Go to perform the search. Excel gives you a list
of functions that match your keywords.
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