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Using the Insert Function Button
Formula Shortcuts
Figure 17-11:
Both the Insert Function and Function Arguments
dialog boxes make it easy to get detailed
reference information about any function by clicking
the “Help on this function” link at the bottom
left of the window. The help page shown here
shows the reference for the trigonometric SIN()
function, which calculates the sine of an angle.
Excel’s help page includes a brief description,
important notes, and a couple of sample formulas
that use the function, complete with results.
To complete your formula, follow these steps:
1. Clickthetextboxforthefirstargument.
A brief sentence describing the argument appears in the Function Arguments
dialog box.
Some functions don’t require any arguments. In this case, you don’t see any text
boxes, although you still see some basic information about the function. Skip
directly to step 4.
2. Enterthevaluefortheargument.
If you want to enter a literal value (like the number 52), type it in now. To enter
a cell reference, you can type it in manually, or click the appropriate cell on the
worksheet. To enter a range, drag the cursor to select a group of cells.
You may need to move the Function Arguments dialog box to the side to expose
the part of the worksheet you want to click. The Collapse Dialog Box icon (lo-
cated to the immediate right of each text box) is helpful since clicking it shrinks
the window’s size. This way, you’ll have an easier time selecting cells from your
worksheet. To return the window to normal, click the Expand Dialog Box icon,
which is to the right of the text box.
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