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Copying Formulas
Copying Formulas
Figure 17-12:
This worksheet shows
a list of students in a
class, and calculates
the final grade for
each student using
two test scores and
an assignment score.
So far, the only
formula that’s been
added is for the first
student (in cell E2).
You may get fed-up entering all these formulas by hand. A far easier approach is to
copy the formula from one cell to another. Here’s how:
1. Movetothecellcontainingtheformulayouwanttocopy.
In this example, you’d move to cell E2.
2. CopytheformulatotheclipboardbypressingCtrl+C.
You can also copy the formula by choosing Home Clipboard Copy.
3. Selecttherangeofcellsyouwanttocopytheformulainto.
Select cells E3 to E10.
4. PasteinthenewformulasbypressingCtrl+V.
You can also paste the formula by choosing Home Clipboard Paste.
When you paste a formula, Excel magically copies an appropriate version of
the formula into each of the cells from E3 to E10. These automatic formula
adjustments happen for any formula, whether it uses functions or just simple
operators. Excel then automatically calculates and displays the results, as shown
in Figure 17-13.
Tip: There’s an even quicker way to copy a formula to multiple cells by using the AutoFill feature. In the
student grade example, start by moving to cell E2, which contains the original formula. Click and hold the
small square at the bottom-right corner of the cell outline, and then drag the outline down until it covers
all cells from E3 to E10. When you release the mouse button, Excel inserts the formula copies in the
AutoFill region.
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