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Follow the Arrow
If you have a complex number-laden spreadsheet with
formulas that pull values from all over the place, you may
need to scroll around to find the precedents or dependents
that interest you. Excel has a trick to help you out—just
double-click the appropriate arrow to follow it back to its
source cell, no matter where it lies.
workbooks. If you double-click the arrow in this situation,
then Excel pops up the Go To dialog box, with the
information about the source cell already filled in at the top of the
list. If you want to follow the arrow to the new worksheet or
file, just select the reference (something like, [
SuperSecretValues.xlsx]Sheet1!$A$3 ), and then click OK.
If you’ve got a particularly tricky worksheet, it may contain
formulas that draw upon values in other worksheets or
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