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Chart Styles
Chart Styles and
set of colors. If you use cell styles, table styles, and chart styles, the fonts and colors
are consistent everywhere. You can also swap in a new palette for all these elements
just by choosing a new theme.
Tip: Before you choose a chart style, it helps to pick the theme you want to use so you can see the real,
final result. To change the theme, make a selection from the Page Layout➝Themes➝Themes list.
Chart Styles
Chart styles give you a way to apply shake-and-bake formatting to ordinary charts.
Excel includes a wide range of chart styles that vary from simple, flat charts with
minor accents (like colored borders) to showier styles that include bevel effects and
shadows. You can quickly create plain or opulent charts, depending on your needs.
Before you use a chart style, it’s important to understand what it changes (and what
it doesn’t). Every chart style includes settings that determine:
• The background color.
• The colors for each series (which may be displayed as bars, lines, points, or
something else). Some colorful chart styles use all the colors from the current
theme. Other chart styles take a single color from the current theme and use
multiple shades of that color for a more refined look.
• Shape effects, like softly curved or beveled edges, shadows, and glow.
• Marker styles (for line charts) that distinguish the points in one series from
those in another.
Note: Some chart styles use a heavy black background with bold colors. This sort of style isn’t designed
for worksheets because it can tie the best color printer in knots. But these high-contrast styles look good
on computer monitors and projection screens, so use them if you want to cut and paste your chart into a
PowerPoint presentation.
On the other hand, chart styles don’t change the font Excel uses for the chart title
and labels; instead Excel bases these elements on the current theme. Chart styles also
don’t change the layout of the chart or the chart settings Excel uses for the legend,
scale, axis titles, error bars, and so on.
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