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Adding Chart
Figure 19-25:
Here, you can see how a value label adds information to
a column chart. Even without the labels, you could still
get this information by eyeing where the bar measures
up to on the value axis on the left, but the labels make
it a whole lot easier to get the information with a single
glance. The labels have been customized slightly via the
Format Data Labels dialog box to shrink their font size
and add a simple box border with a shadow effect.
Tip: No matter how you choose to label or distinguish a series, you’re best off if you don’t add too many
of these elements to the same chart. Adding too many labels makes for a confusing overall effect, and it
blunts the effect of any comparison.
If you’re in an adventurous mood, you can create even more advanced labels by
choosing Chart Tools | Layout Labels Data Labels More Data Label Options. The
Format Data Labels dialog box appears, with a number of options for customizing
data labels (Figure 19-26).
Figure 19-26:
The Format Data Labels dialog box is
divided into several sections of settings.
(You can see one setting at a time by
picking from the list on the left.) For now,
you’re interested in the Label Options
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