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Adding Individual Data Labels
Adding Chart
Figure 19-27:
Here’s how you can combine percentage and category information to
make a pie chart more readable and eliminate the legend altogether.
Note: Wondering what your chart will look like? As you make changes, Excel updates the chart on the
worksheet using its handy live preview feature. Just move the Format Data Labels dialog box out of the
way to get a sneak peak before you confirm your choices.
Adding Individual Data Labels
In simple charts, data series labels work well. But in more complex charts, data series
labels can be more trouble than they’re worth because they lead to chart
overcrowding, particularly with line charts or any chart that has multiple series. The solution
is to add labels to only a few data points in a series—those that are most important.
Figure 19-28 shows the difference.
Figure 19-28:
Data point labels work particularly well with line charts
because both chart types are dense with information.
The two examples here underscore that fact.
Top: Here, a single data point label indicates the point
where the sales changed dramatically for the Region 1
Bottom: Here’s the mess that results if you add data
labels to the whole Region 1 and Region 2 series. No
amount of formatting can clear up this confusion.
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