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Adding Individual Data Labels
Adding Chart
To add an individual data label, follow these steps:
1. Clicktheprecisedatapointthatyouwanttoidentify.Thispointcouldbea
Selecting a data point is a little tricky. You need to click twice—the first click
selects the whole series, and the second click selects just the data point you
want. You’ll see the handles appear around the specific column or point to
indicate you’ve selected it, as shown in Figure 19-29.
2. Whenyouhavetherightdatapointselected,chooseanoptionfromtheChart
Tools|Layout Labels DataLabelslist.
These options work the same way they do when you format the whole series,
except now they apply only to the currently selected value.
To remove a data label, click to select it, and then press Delete. If you want to
add several data labels, you’re best off adding all the data labels (as described in
the previous section), and then deleting the ones you don’t want.
Figure 19-29:
Top: To select a single data point, click
it twice. The first click selects the whole
Sales-05 series.
Bottom: The second click gets just the data
point you want, which is the Sales-05 data
in the Western sales office. In some cases,
you may not be able to tell which data
point’s the one you want. When that
happens, just hover over the data point briefly
to see a tooltip with the category, series,
and value information.
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