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In Depth Information
Zooming In and Out
Different Ways to
View Your Work
Page view in the Navigation pane
To find and jump to a particular page, click the Navigation pane’s middle tab. The
pane switches to a view that lets you browse your document page by page, as shown
in Figure 1-11. Pages in the pane appear in Print Layout view and are numbered;
click any page to move to that page in the document.
Tip: The Navigation pane is also home to Word 2010’s supercharged new search function. Read more
about how to find a word or phrase in your document on page 41.
Figure 1-11:
Use the Navigation
pane to browse
through the pages of
your document; click
any page to jump
Zooming In and Out
You don’t have to get a headache squinting at the screen, trying to make out words
written in a teensy-tiny font. And neither do you have to spend time scrolling back
and forth to read lines written in a large font. Instead, just zoom in or out to make
the text the perfect size for your peepers. Zooming doesn’t change the font size; it
just gives you a close-up or bird’s-eye view of the words on your pages. This section
will have you zooming in and out in no time.
Using the Zoom slider
The Zoom slider appears in the lower-right corner of the Word screen. A pointer
indicates the current magnification. When the pointer is in the middle of the slider,
the document is at 100 percent. But you can make the text appear larger or smaller:
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