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Creating a New Presentation from a Template
Creating a New
Tip: If you have trouble finding PowerPoint on the Windows Start menu, try this route: Start➝All
Programs➝Microsoft Office➝Microsoft PowerPoint 2010.
If you’re already working on something in PowerPoint and you want to create a new
presentation, the quickest way is to press Ctrl+N. Or select File New Create (Alt,
F, N, N). A new presentation opens, ready for you to start adding content to slides.
Click this tab to see an outline
of your presentation.
Figure 20-1:
PowerPoint opens
in Normal view,
which has a large
workspace for
creating and editing slides.
On the left side is the
Slides pane, which
shows an overview of
your presentation as
you add slides.
The Slides
The active
The Notes pane
The name of your
presentation’s theme
Creating a New Presentation from a Template
Like other Office programs, PowerPoint comes with built-in templates that make
slideshow creation and formatting a snap. When you use one of these babies,
someone else has already done all the design work for you. To create a presentation from
a template, just pick the style you want, such as a photo album or a project status
report, and then add your content. Templates let you focus on the purpose and
substance of your presentation, not on designing slides. Here’s what to do:
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