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Choosing a Theme
Creating a New
1. SelectFile New “Sample templates” (Alt,F,N,A). If you’re looking for a
PowerPoint opens a page like the one shown in Figure 20-2, with lots of choices
to browse through. To get a better look at a template, click it; a preview appears
in the pane at right.
2. Clickatemplatetoselectit,andthenclickCreate.
Your new, template-based presentation has a number of slides, with placeholder
content, to give you ideas for your own presentation. You can delete the content
and add your own. (Keep reading to find out how to do that.)
Figure 20-2:
Creating a new
presentation from
a template can give
you a head start on
designing a
presentation for a particular
Choosing a Theme
When creating a new presentation from scratch, sure, you can go with plain vanilla
slides—black text on a white background. But why not add a touch of flair? Unlike
templates (see previous section), themes don’t contain multiple slides or placeholder
content. Instead, they apply a single design scheme to all the slides you create within
a presentation. Here’s how to use ’em:
1. SelectFile New Themes(Alt,F,N,I).
PowerPoint displays its built-in themes. Each theme has its own background
design, font styles, and color scheme. Browse through the choices until you see
one that looks good; click it to see a larger version in the right preview pane.
2. Clickthethemeyouwanttoselectit,andthenclickCreate.
Your presentation now has a theme to unify its design.
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