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Adding Text to a Slide
Creating a New
Tip: You can apply a theme to a slideshow you’ve already created. Just go to the Design tab and choose a
new theme from the Themes gallery there (Alt, G, H). Click the theme you want, and PowerPoint applies it
to your presentation.
Adding Text to a Slide
The first thing you’ll probably want to do with your newly created presentation is
add some text. The first slide in your new presentation is a title slide, which has text
boxes in place for a title and a subtitle. (PowerPoint offers several different built-in
slide types, as explained in the next section.)
PowerPoint adds placeholder text to show where the text boxes are. (This text
appears only on the active slide in the PowerPoint workspace; it doesn’t actually
show up when you play the slideshow.) Click inside a text box; the placeholder text
disappears, and the mouse pointer turns into a cursor. Type to add your text, which
is already formatted—for example, on a title slide, the title is larger and more
prominent than the subtitle.
If necessary, the text box expands as you type. If your text goes onto a second line,
for example, the box gets taller to accommodate it.
When you’re done typing, click outside the text box. The box disappears, showing
only your nicely formatted and positioned text.
What if you want to put text in a spot where there’s no text box? You’ve got two options:
Move an existing text box to where you want it. Click inside the text box to
display its dotted-line outlines, and then hover your mouse pointer over any
border. When the pointer becomes a four-way arrow, click and drag the text
box (along with its text) to a new position. Let go of the mouse button to drop
it in place.
Insert a new text box. You can create and position your own text box from the
Insert tab. Select Insert Text Box (Alt, N, X). Position the cursor where you
want a corner of the text box to be, and then click and drag to create a rectangle
of the approximate width you want for the text area, as shown in Figure 20-3.
When you let go of the mouse button, PowerPoint inserts the text box and puts
the cursor inside it, ready for you to start typing.
Note: Page 565 shows you how to format text you’ve added to a slide.
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