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Creating a New Slide
Creating a New
Figure 20-3:
Click the Insert tab’s
Text box button
(circled), and then
click and drag to
create a text box
of the approximate
width you want for
your text. Don’t worry
about the exact size
of the box; you can
always change it, as
described on page
Creating a New Slide
A title slide is a good start, but a presentation needs a lot more than just a title. To
add a new slide with text boxes already in place for more of your best ideas, press
Ctrl+M or click Home New Slide. A new slide appears in the workspace as the
active slide (it also shows up in the left-hand Slides pane). You’ve got a variety of slide
types to choose from, as the following steps explain:
1. OntheHometab,clickthedownarrowatthebottomoftheNewSlidebutton
A menu opens, as shown in Figure 20-4, displaying a gallery of the different
types of slides you can add:
Title Slide has text boxes for a title and a subtitle. This kind of slide doesn’t
have to come at the beginning of a presentation—you can add whatever
text you want to its text boxes—but the text boxes are preformatted to look
just right for a title slide.
Title and Content has a text box for a title and a content box, which lets
you easily insert just about anything you can think of: text, a table, a chart,
SmartArt, a photo, clip art, or a video or audio file. The next section tells
you more about adding all these items.
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