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Creating a New Slide
Creating a New
Figure 20-4:
When you insert a new slide into your
presentation, you can choose from a variety
of preformatted slide types.
Note: What’s the difference between a text box and a content box? A text box holds text—letters, numbers,
and symbols like & or $—and that’s it. A content box holds any kind of content. You can click inside a
content box and start typing to add text, or you can click a picture of the kind of content you want to insert.
Section Header has two text boxes: one for a title and one for regular text.
This is a good choice to mark divisions in a long presentation that you’ve
divided into several sections. Page 604 gives you the lowdown on working
with sections, a brand-new feature in PowerPoint 2010.
Two Content has a text box for a title and two content boxes, arranged into
side-by-side columns.
Comparison looks a lot like a two-content slide, with a text box for a title
and two side-by-side content boxes. Above each content box, though, is a
text box where you can add commentary on whatever you’re comparing in
the content boxes.
Title Only has a text box for a title at the top of the slide. The rest of the
slide is blank.
Blank has no boxes for text or content. Instead, you add and arrange
your own.
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