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Zooming In and Out
Different Ways to
View Your Work
• To magnify the text, click the pointer and, holding the down the mouse button,
drag the pointer to the right. As you drag, the text gets bigger. When it reaches
the size you want (the maximum on the slider is 500 percent), let go of the
mouse button. The text remains the size you’ve selected.
• To reduce the text, click the pointer and hold down the mouse button as you drag
the pointer to the left. The farther left you go, the smaller the text gets, all the way
down to 10 percent. When it’s the size you want, let go of the mouse button.
Tip: Instead of clicking and dragging, you can zoom in or out in 10 percent increments by clicking the plus
sign (to magnify) or the minus sign (to reduce) on either end of the slider.
Using the Zoom dialog box
The Zoom slider is great for quick adjustments in and out. If you prefer, you can
also zoom using the Zoom dialog box, shown in Figure 1-12, which gives you more
options and more precision. To open it, click View Zoom (Alt, W, Q). Or you can
click the current zoom percentage in the lower-right part of the screen (it’s just to
the left of the Zoom slider).
Figure 1-12:
Use the Zoom dialog box to zoom in and out with precision,
or to show multiple pages on the screen.
In the Zoom dialog box, you’ve got a couple of different ways to change your view:
By percentage. Word offers three popular zoom settings: 200 percent, 100
percent, and 75 percent. Turn on the radio button for the size you want. Or set the
size in the Percent box: Click the up and down arrows to change magnification,
or double-click the number in the box and type in the percentage you want.
Click OK to zoom.
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