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Deleting Content
Creating a New
Type here to
add text.
Click any type of
content to insert it.
Figure 20-5:
A content box lets
you add text (just
start typing) or any
of the six kinds of
items shown here:
table, chart, SmartArt,
picture, clip art, or
media clip. Click any
of the icons shown
to open a dialog box
where you can do
things like specify the
number of rows in a
table, select an audio
file to add, and so on.
Deleting Content
How you give the heave-ho to items on a slide depends in part on what you want to
get rid of:
To delete text but keep the text box in which it resides, select the text and then
press Delete or Backspace (or type over the text to replace it). If you want to
delete both the text and the text box that holds it, then move your mouse pointer
to any border of the text box. When the cursor becomes a four-way arrow, click
to select the box. Then press Delete or Backspace.
To delete a picture, clip art, or a video, click the image to select it, and then
press Delete or Backspace.
To delete a table, a chart, or SmartArt, click the content to reveal the frame
that holds it, as shown in Figure 20-6. Next, click the frame to select it, and then
press Delete or Backspace.
Tip: If you want to edit or delete content within a table, a chart, or some SmartArt, rather than getting rid
of the whole thing, flip to Chapter 21.
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