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Saving a Presentation
Saving a
Figure 20-6:
Click a chart to show
its frame, and then
click the frame to
select it. (You select a
table or SmartArt the
same way.)
Saving a Presentation
As you might expect, saving a PowerPoint presentation works just like saving any
other kind of Office file:
1. SelectFile Save(Alt,F,S),orpressCtrl+S.
The Save As dialog box opens. If your presentation has a title slide, PowerPoint
grabs the title and plunks it in the “File name” box. You can change the name
if you like.
2. Navigate to the folder where you want to save the presentation, and then
PowerPoint Presentation. This saves your presentation with the file
extension .pptx. Starting with PowerPoint 2007, Microsoft introduced this
format as the default for PowerPoint files, so it’s what you get when you
simply save a file.
PowerPoint Macro-Enabled Presentation. Macros are mini-programs you
can record to automate tasks you do frequently. If you want to use macros
within your presentation, then save it with this option, which gives it the
.pptm file extension.
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