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Opening an Existing Presentation
Opening an Existing
Note: As with other Office 2010 programs, PowerPoint temporarily saves the last autosaved version of
your file, even if you tell it not to save your changes. To find and open one of these “unsaved” files, click
Files➝Recent➝Recover Unsaved Presentations (Alt, F, R, R), select the file you want to open, and then
click the Open button.
Opening an Existing Presentation
So far you’ve learned how to create, add material to, and save your slideshows. Next
up: opening one of your creations. Microsoft gives you a handful of options; this
section starts with a few of the quickest.
Open a Recent Presentation from the Windows Start Menu
If you’ve viewed or worked on a file recently, you can open it right from the Windows
Start menu. That way, when you open PowerPoint, your presentation opens, too.
Click Start. When the Start menu opens, hover your mouse pointer over the Microsoft
PowerPoint 2010 menu item. A fly-out menu appears listing recent presentations—
up to 10 of them. Click the one you want.
Tip: You can pin PowerPoint to the top of your Start menu: Click Start, right-click Microsoft PowerPoint
2010, and then select Pin to Start Menu from the shortcut menu.
Open a Recent Presentation in PowerPoint
If you’ve already got PowerPoint open, head over to the Recent area in the Backstage
section to see a list of shortcuts to files you’ve recently worked on. Select File Recent
(Alt, F, R) to see the Recent Presentations list. Click the filename you want, and it
Tip: If there’s a presentation you use frequently, make it easy to find by pinning it to the top of the Recent
Presentations list. Just click the pushpin icon to the right of the file you want, and PowerPoint keeps it at
the top of the list. To unpin a pinned file, do the same—click its pushpin icon.
A related option: Tell PowerPoint to display files you’ve worked on recently right on
the Backstage File menu itself; this saves you a click or two by letting you open these
presentations directly from that menu. If you don’t see any recent files on the File
menu, do this:
1. SelectFile Recent(Alt,F,R).
The Backstage view shows you its list of recently opened files.
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