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Notes Page View
Viewing a
The Windows task bar displays the Windows Start button and any other
programs you have running. This is great news for multitaskers—you can open a
different window without ending your slideshow first. So if you need to pause
and send an email, you can do that without quitting the slideshow.
Notes Page View
If you’ve added notes to your slides (page 556), this view shows the goods and the
accompanying slide together on one page (see Figure 20-10). As the figure shows,
Notes Page view offers a good-sized text box—helpful if you need to refine those
notes. To magnify the text, click the View tab’s Zoom button (Alt, W, Q) and select
the zoom percentage you want;100% zoom is a good size for editing notes.
There’s no Notes Page button on the status bar; to summon this view, select View
Notes Page (Alt, W, T). And to print your notes, skip ahead to page 563 for
Figure 20-10:
Notes Page view
bundles together a
slide and its notes on
the same page—great
for printing and
editing during the
commute home from
work. If you’re
working on your computer
and need a closer
look, click the Zoom
button (circled) and
choose a
magnification percentage. Then
click the text to edit it.
Click here to add or edit notes.
Slide Show View
Professional speakers know that it’s a smart idea to give your presentation a few trial
runs before the big event. Practicing lets you familiarize yourself with the flow of the
slides and gives you a chance to iron out kinks before going live. In PowerPoint, the
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