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Zooming In and Out
Viewing a
best way to practice a presentation is to use Slide Show view. It also happens to be the
view you’ll use to give the presentation. In fact, there’s so much you can do in Slide
Show view that it gets its own tab, as shown in Figure 20-11.
When you click the status bar’s Slide Show button or select Slide Show From
Beginning (Alt, S, B), your presentation occupies center stage and takes over the entire
screen. The first slide appears, and there’s nothing to divert viewers’ attention from
your slides. Your slides proceed according to how you’ve set them up: Click or press
Enter to move to the next slide or, if you’ve added automatic transitions, the
slideshow advances on its own.
If you need to go back or jump to a different slide, right-click and choose the option
you want from the shortcut menu that appears. To end the presentation, press Esc.
Note: Chapter 24 takes you through setting up and actually giving a slideshow.
Set screen resolution or work
with multiple monitors here.
Figure 20-11:
When you click the
Slide Show tab, the
ribbon changes to
display the buttons
labeled here. From left
to right, the ribbon
groups buttons for
starting a slideshow,
for setting up a
slideshow before you
give it, and for
dealing with the monitors
that will display your
Use these buttons to
begin your slideshow.
Prepare for and manage your
slideshow with these buttons.
Zooming In and Out
If you need to take a closer look at a slide, the easiest way to zoom in is to go to the
status bar’s right side and use the Zoom slider. Either click and drag the slider or
click the plus or minus sign at either end to change the size of the active slide in
Normal view. After you’ve tinkered with the Zoom slider, you can resize things so
the whole slide appears by clicking the “Fit slide to current window” button to the
right of the slider.
The View tab’s Zoom section also lets you resize slides. Select View Zoom (Alt, W,
Q) and choose a zoom percentage from the dialog box that opens; then click OK. To
return the slide to its default size, select View Fit to Window (Alt, W, F).
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