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Zooming In and Out
Different Ways to
View Your Work
By width/size. If thinking in terms of percentages makes your head hurt, you
can zoom using one of these plain-English options instead:
Page width. Choose this to make the page as wide as possible on your
screen (you can still see the page’s margins).
Text width. This option makes the text even bigger than page width by
showing lines of text but not margins or the edges of the page.
Whole page. Choose this if you want to shrink down the text to display a
single page, from top to bottom and left to right, on the screen. You may
not be able to read the text at this size, but (believe it or not) you can still
edit it.
Many pages. With this option, you can display multiple pages on the
screen at one time. Click the button underneath “Many pages” (it shows a
computer monitor displaying multiple pages) to select how many pages you
want to see. When you click that button, a menu opens showing two rows
of four pages across, as shown in Figure 1-13. Move the mouse pointer to
select the number of pages you want, and then click it.
Figure 1-13:
To see multiple pages at once on your screen, use the
mouse to choose the number of pages and the layout you
want to see.
As you make choices in the Zoom dialog box, the Preview section gives you an idea
of the size of the text and how the page will appear on your monitor. When
everything looks good, click OK to apply your selection.
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