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Printing a Presentation
Printing a
In Normal view, you can increase or decrease the size of the slides by resizing the
Slides pane. Move your mouse pointer to the border between the Slides pane and the
active slide’s workspace. When the pointer changes to the resizing cursor, click and
drag to resize the pane. When you let go of the mouse button, PowerPoint adjusts
the slides in that pane to fit it.
Printing a Presentation
As with other Office 2010 programs, you go Backstage to print a PowerPoint
presentation. Press Ctrl+P or select File Print (Alt, F, P) to open Print, as shown in Figure
20-12. Here you get the following printing options (these are the factory-set options;
after you’ve printed a few slideshows, the buttons reflect what you chose last time):
Copies. Choose the number of copies you want to print from this drop-down list.
Printer. This button displays your default printer. To add a printer or to choose
a different one, click this button and select the printer you want to use, or click
Add Printer.
Note: Page 138 tells you how to set your default printer.
Figure 20-12:
In PowerPoint 2010,
you select your
printing options
Backstage, in the File
menu’s Print section.
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