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Printing a Presentation
Printing a
Printer Properties. Click this link to tweak settings like paper orientation
and which printer tray to get paper from. The options depend on the printer
you select.
Print All Slides. Here’s where you select what you want to print: the whole
presentation, a range of slides, or just the current slide.
Slides per page. The name of this button reflects what you did the last time you
printed slides: Full Page Slides, Notes Pages, and so on. When you click this
button, the menu that appears gives you quite a few options:
Print Layout. In this section, select what you want to print:
Full Page Slides prints one slide per page—just the slide, no notes.
Notes Pages prints your presentation as it appears in Notes Page view:
one slide per page, with the slide at the top of the page and the notes
below. This is handy when you want to have a hard copy of your notes to
consult as you go through the presentation.
Outline prints an overview of your presentation. It doesn’t print the
slides, just the text on them, arranged in an outline format. When you
select this option, the printed document looks like what you see in the
Outline tab (page 557).
Handouts. If you’re creating printed handouts for your audience, here’s
where you set up how those handouts will look. You can print one to nine
slides per page.
Note: Some of the options in the Handouts section specify horizontal or vertical. This doesn’t refer to
page orientation; it sets the order of the slides. In other words, horizontal prints the slides in rows, so
readers read across from left to right to follow the presentation. Vertical prints the slides in columns, so readers
follow the slides from top to bottom.
Frame Slides. A checkmark next to this option tells PowerPoint to draw
a border around each slide when you’re printing multiple slides per page.
This helps define each slide when you have multiple slides on a page.
Scale to Fit Paper. To automatically adjust the size of the slides you’re
printing to fit the paper size you’ve selected, turn on this option.
High Quality. Turning on this option sharpens the images of the slides
you’re printing. Be aware that choosing this option may mean that your
slides take longer to print and use up more ink.
Print Comments and Ink Markup. When you collaborate with others on a
presentation, each person working on the presentation can mark up slides
and leave comments. If you want those to show in the printed presentation,
turn on this option.
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