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Creating Lists
Editing Text
Figure 21-4:
Set your preferences for text box formatting
in the Text Box section of this dialog box.
Creating Lists
Bulleted lists, for better or for worse, are at the heart of many PowerPoint
presentations. They structure the presentation, underline your points, and help the audience
follow what you’re saying. So it’s not surprising that PowerPoint assumes that you’ll
use bulleted lists in your presentation. When you insert a new slide that has a
preformatted content box, the upper-left corner of the box has a bulleted list ready and
waiting for you to add the first line. Just click and type. To add a new bullet item,
press Enter to move to the next line.
If you insert your own text box, it’s easy to format the words inside it as a list. Just go
to the Home tab and, in the Paragraph section, select Bullets (Alt, H, U) or
Numbering (Alt, H, N). The drop-down menus for these buttons let you choose a list style
or open the Bullets and Numbering dialog box, shown in Figure 21-5, to customize
your list.
In the Bullets and Numbering dialog box, you can resize the bullets or numbers and
assign them a color. Depending on the kind of list you’re working with, you also get
these options:
On the Bulleted tab, click the Picture button to select a picture, such as your
company logo or a custom checkmark, to use as a bullet. Click the Customize
button to choose an icon from the Symbol dialog box.
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