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Linking Text to a Web Page
Editing Text
On the Numbered tab, if you want your list to start with a number other than
1, use the “Start at” dialog box to assign an initial number.
Click OK to apply your selections to your text.
Figure 21-5:
When formatting a list, you can choose a color for your
bullets or numbers and specify their size in relation to
the text they introduce.
Linking Text to a Web Page
Presentations don’t have to be linear, plodding inexorably from one slide to the next.
You can insert hyperlinks into your text (or into any object on a slide) to jump
somewhere else, such as a web page, another slide, or even a file in another program.
Chapter 22 shows how to use links to navigate the slides in your presentation (page
607) and to open a file in another program (page 613). Here’s how to insert a link
that fires up your web browser and opens a specific web page:
1. Selectthetextthatyouwanttocontainthehyperlink,andthenclicktheIn-
The Insert Hyperlink dialog box, shown in Figure 21-6, opens. In the left “Link
to” list, Existing File or Web Page is already selected.
2. IntheAddressbox,typeorpasteinthewebaddressofthepageyou’relink-
PowerPoint closes the dialog box and inserts the link in your text.
During a slideshow, you can click the link to open a web browser and go straight to
the web page you linked to. (For this to work, of course, the computer displaying the
slideshow must be connected to the Internet.)
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