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Adding Images to Slides
Adding Images to
to see a live preview on your slide. Click the effect you want, and PowerPoint
applies it to your table.
Figure 21-9:
You can give the cells
in a table 3-D and
other effects using
the Table Tools |
Design tab’s Effects
WordArt. Want to call attention to a particular row, column, or cell? Make it
pop by converting its contents to WordArt (page 109 tells you more about
working with WordArt). Select the cell or cell range you want to convert, and then
select Table Tools | Design Quick Styles (Alt, JT, Q). Select a letter style for
your WordArt, and PowerPoint applies that style to your selection. If you want,
you can change the Text Fill (Alt, JT, TI), the Text Outline (Alt, JT, TO), or Text
Effects (Alt, JT, TX) of your WordArt using the options in the Table Tools |
Design tab’s WordArt Styles section.
Adding Images to Slides
If you’ve ever added a picture or a piece of clip art to a Word document, you already
know how to work with images in PowerPoint. And all the cool image-editing
capabilities added to Word 2010 are also available in PowerPoint 2010—so you can take a
screenshot or remove a photo’s background, for example, without leaving PowerPoint.
Table 21-3 directs you to the pages in this topic that explain how to work with photos.
Table 21-3. Where to find information about working with images
Page Number
Inserting images
Inserting clip art
Inserting a screenshot
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