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Creating a Photo Album
If you’ve ever come home from vacation or family gathering with a camera full of
digital photos and no good way to organize and share them, PowerPoint is here to
help. PowerPoint’s photo album option lets you create and then edit a presentation
based on a set of pictures. Insert anywhere from one to four photos on a slide (Power-
Point sizes and lays them out for you). You can give photos captions and add text
boxes for your commentary. You can then put your album on the Web or on a CD
(page 683) to share with others. For a program that’s often associated with work, this
feature can turn PowerPoint into a whole lot of fun.
Setting up a photo album
To create a photo-album presentation and show off your snaps, follow these steps:
1. SelectInsert PhotoAlbum NewPhotoAlbum(Alt,N,A,A).
PowerPoint opens the Photo Album dialog box, shown in Figure 21-10.
2. ClicktheFile/Diskbuttontochoosethepicturesyouwanttoinsert.
The Insert New Pictures dialog box opens. Here’s where you pick the photos you
want to include.
Note: PowerPoint doesn’t move the original file when it inserts a picture; that stays wherever you stored
it. What you see on a slide is a copy of the original file, and any changes you make to the picture in
PowerPoint don’t affect the original.
3. Navigate to the folder thatholds thepicturesyouwant,and select theones
Select multiple files by holding down the Shift key (to choose a contiguous
range) or the Ctrl key (to choose files one by one). As you select files, they
appear in the “File name: box at the bottom of the Insert New Pictures dialog box.
4. ClickInsert.
The names of the files you chose appear in the Photo Album dialog box’s “Pictures
in album” box. Select any file in the box to see its thumbnail in the Preview box.
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