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Creating a Photo Album
Adding Images to
5. Ifyouwanttoinsertanemptytextboxinplaceofapicture,clicktheNewText
Text boxes are placeholders. As you edit the presentation, you can type the text
you want into the text boxes you’ve inserted. If you want to tell a story about a
picture, for example, you might create a slide that has a photo on one side and
a text box on the other.
6. Tochangetheorderofthepicturesinyourpresentation,selectapictureand
The filename moves up or down the list, one place at a time, as you click.
7. Ifyouwanttorotateoradjusttheappearanceofanypicture,usethepicture
From left to right, you can rotate counterclockwise/clockwise; increase/decrease
contrast; and increase/decrease brightness.
The preview image changes when you click the buttons, although its small size
makes it a little hard to gauge how the changes affect the image. You can always
view the image in the presentation and come back here to adjust it (the next
section tells you how to edit a photo album).
8. In thePictureOptions section, turnon the checkbox for eitherof the two
Captions below ALL pictures. To turn on this checkbox, you need to
choose a picture layout (see step 9) other than “fit to slide”.
Tip: If you want captions below some pictures but not others, turn on this checkbox anyway. After you’ve
created your presentation, you can delete any captions you don’t want.
ALL pictures black and white. This option makes all the photos in the
presentation black and white. (It doesn’t affect the original photos, only the
versions you’ve inserted into this presentation—and you can change them
back to color if you change your mind.)
9. In theAlbumLayoutsection, tellPowerPointhowyouwant thepictures to
Here are your options:
Picture layout. You can choose anywhere from one to four pictures, with
or without a title text box, for each slide. “Fit to slide” means that the picture
takes up the entire slide, with no room for a caption or a title. When you
pick an option from the drop-down list, the sample slide at right changes to
show how that option looks on a slide.
Frame shape. For any layout option other than “fit to slide”, you choose a
frame shape for your photos, such as rounded rectangle, simple frame, or
soft-edge rectangle. The sample slide shows a preview of each frame style,
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