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Creating a Photo Album
Adding Images to
but it’s small and a little hard to see if you don’t have a big screen. If you
change your mind about a frame shape, you can always change it later. (The
next section tells you how to edit a photo album.)
Theme. Click the Browse button to select an Office theme (page 547) for
your presentation.
10. Whenallyourchoiceslookgood,clickCreate.
PowerPoint gets busy and whips up your new photo album.
Figure 21-10:
Select, arrange, and even edit
photos using the Photo Album
dialog box.
In the not-quite-yet finished album, the first slide contains the captivating phrase
“Photo Album” as the title and “by [Your Name]” as the subtitle (with your actual
Office user name). If you told PowerPoint you wanted the pictures to have captions,
each picture’s filename is its caption in a text box below the picture. You can edit any
of the text in the same way you’d edit any other text in PowerPoint; click inside the
text box, select any text you don’t want, and type to replace it.
You can also move images and text in the same way you normally would, by clicking
and dragging.
Editing a photo album
After you’ve created a photo album, added some captions and titles, and looked
through its slides, you might want to make some changes. For example, you might
want to remove a picture, rearrange others, or adjust the brightness or contrast after
you’ve seen the full-size photo on a slide.
To edit a photo album, select Insert Photo Album Edit Photo Album (Alt, N, A, E).
The Edit Photo Album dialog box opens, looking just like the Photo Album box you
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