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Working with Shapes
Adding Images to
Figure 21-11:
PowerPoint comes with a
whole library of predesigned
shapes for you to add to your
Resize a shape. Click the shape to show its content box. A resizing handle
appears at each corner and at the halfway point of each border. When you place
the mouse pointer over a resizing handle, the pointer changes to a two-way
arrow; click and drag to resize the shape.
Tip: To keep a shape’s proportions when you resize it, drag a corner resizing handle diagonally.
Adding text to a shape
To add text to a shape, just click the shape and start typing. To format text, use the
Mini Toolbar (page 566) or the Home tab’s Font and Paragraph sections. Or turn
your text into WordArt using the Drawing Tools | Format WordArt Styles section.
Tip: When you insert a shape, PowerPoint automatically selects a font color for any text you might write
on it. To see the shape-and-font color combos, open the Drawing Tools | Format tab and click the
lowerright Shape Styles gallery’s More button (Alt, JD, SS). Click any color combination you like to apply it to
your shape and its text.
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